To succeed in ever more competitive markets, organizations must innovate. They must design new offerings and reinvent the way they deliver them. This innovation is key to survival for all organizations in the new Digital World.

Levio Innovation Center’s mission is to leverage our know-how to better meet business needs by fostering industry-specific innovation, such as for the insurance and financial sector. Typically the Centre works with a client to solve a problem, or to develop a new channel to develop markets. The client gets a competitive edge in his market by priority usage of the Centre’s innovation, later offered to other markets. It is a double gain for clients, who get direct commercial benefits and royalties. Levio’s innovation centre develops solutions that intermesh digital and business technologies to increase productivity, market shares and profits.

Our Centre is operational and based in Quebec City, Canada:

    • Several promising concepts have been identified
    • We have designed and built prototypes that utilize new Connected Objects technology
    • A kernel of experts is already assigned and dedicated to research

Discussions are on-going with universities and various industry leaders to establish new partnerships. Please contact us if you wish to gain an edge through technology.

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